3 Features Of a B2b E-Commerce Platform That Will Make You Beat the Competition

3 Features Of a B2b E-Commerce Platform That Will Make You Beat the Competition

There are many online opportunities, but not all will help you achieve your goals. Selling products online in bulk is a business that will lead to high returns if you run it correctly. It can be easy to start if you have a b2b e-commerce platform. However, entrepreneurs fail to use this platform because they believe that you will need to hire a designer to help you create a professional online store. There are platforms in the UK and Australia that will allow you to design one without the help of the professionals. Here are 3 features of a platform that will make you stand out from your competitors:

Mobile friendliness

The use of a mobile device to browse online is increasing. In current days, the number of people who use mobile is bigger than that of the desktop. Because the b2b buyers are on the go, they find it easy to search for the best products by the use of this device. It is for this reason why you need to create a store that supports mobile to win more customers. A b2b e-commerce platform that has responsive templates should be your consideration. It will ease the process of purchasing by the use of any device.

Customers’ experience

Customers’ experience should be the number one feature to consider when choosing a b2b e-commerce platform. The only way to increase the conversion rate is by convincing customers to make purchases. But how will you achieve this? Assuring them of making safe purchases is a great way to beat the competition. In this essence, you need to consider a platform that has robust security features such as SSL and PCI.

Also, the discount and promotion feature is crucial. It will assure the buyers of saving money after purchasing your b2b products.

Marketing tools

You can have high-quality products and a professional online store, but without marketing, you can run a business of low income. In this essence, you need to give a b2b e-commerce platform that has the SEO feature a priority. It will allow you to reach the search engine users without spending a single coin. However, you need to improve ranking by creating high-quality content and adding professional images.

The marketplaces are other places to find more and new b2b buyers. Amazon, eBay, and Facebook integration should be your priority. They will help you to create a robust online presence to convince customers that you are a seller who cares for their needs.

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