Top 4 Responsive B2b E-Commerce Platforms in the UK and Australia

Top 4 Responsive B2b E-Commerce Platforms in the UK and Australia

Taking your business online is a crucial idea because you will reach a massive number of customers. In modern days, customers prefer online purchases because they will not spend a lot of time and money traveling to different places to search for the best products. With only a mobile device, they can compare various products. Hence, you need to ensure that your online store supports all the devices. With this, you will reduce the maintenance cost because you will have one store for the mobile, laptops as well as computers. In the UK and Australia, you will find millions of b2b e-commerce platforms, but not all are responsive. Here are 4 best platforms that will allow you to go mobile:

Magento enterprise

Although Magento Enterprise does not offer an easy to use interface, it is the world’s leading b2b e-commerce platform. Its themes are highly responsive to allow you to create a website that will look great on all the devices. With this, millions of customers will have the freedom to use a device of choice when making purchases. Also, Magento is flexible to allow you to make changes and enhance responsiveness. You can reduce the size of your files to make the site to load fast when customers use mobile.

Shopify plus

Another responsive b2b e-commerce platform is the Shopify plus. It caters for all the businesses’ needs: either small or large. It is becoming an excellent platform when it comes to selling your products in bulk. The scalability feature it contains will allow your website to handle a massive amount of work. Shopify plus should be your priority if you have budgetary constraints. It has the SEO feature and integrates with large marketplaces to allow you to reach b2b buyers without spending more money.


Contalog emerges to be a leading b2b e-commerce platform because of its clean, elegant, and responsive design. It will help you to maximize your opportunities. The order, product, and inventory management features will allow you to be ahead of your competitors. They will help you know the items that are out of stock t for you to add more.


Are you searching for a comprehensive and customizable b2b e-commerce solution? If yes, GEOCart is the best match for you. It is among the best b2b e-commerce platforms in the UK and Australia that offers powerful features to improve your business growth. It will enhance the customers’ experience to make them purchase a massive amount of products. The security features it contains will assure your customers of making safe purchases.

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